Lucy Daydream’s unique brand of Indie psych-pop hybrid, is immaculately tuned to a demographic of the streaming obsessed.

The band is the brainchild of Denver, CO-based songwriting duo Paige Duché and Ross Ryan, who cleverly craft their own exciting mix of indie meets mainstream. This odd pair awkward internet bred friends met in the Spring of 2017 when Duché covered one of Ryan’s original works on Youtube, however the two wouldn’t start writing songs together until almost a year later when they reconnected and began curating their hazy, yet cleverly catchy sound. 

True to the independent - DIY or die indie motto, Lucy Daydream do everything on their own from writing, producing and mixing the music to filming and editing their music videos. The proof of this pair’s musical matrimony lies deep in the pudding, as their icy cover of Post Malone’s “Go Flex”, an initial throwaway cover, has netted more than two million streams to date — that being their first release ever. Since then, the group released several singles leading up to their first full-length album, Awake & Dreaming in March of 2019. Dripping with their unique sonic flare, the duo showcases their versatility and ability in the musical landscape, with nearly each song accompanied by music videos that,  along with the help of Duché’s boyfriend, they wrote, filmed and edited themselves. 

In line with the present state of music, Lucy Daydream is next in a growing number of DIY outfits of a digital day and age, but with these two, the name of the game is simply letting it happen — and let it happen they have. Pulling no punches in their craft, Lucy Daydream are here to make pop weird again.


1.3MIL Streams

384K Listeners

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500K streams


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